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Soul Realignment

Soul Purpose, Soul History, Soul Origination & Growth

Rock Maze

Are you feeling stuck in life and not sure how to move forward? 

Let Soul Realignment guide you to releasing the blocks that are holding you back. This powerful process helps you identify and transforms the root cause of your struggle, allowing you to create lasting change and achieve your highest potential. 

With my years of experience working with high-end clients, Soul Realignment can help you unlock your authentic Soul truth and discover your true Purpose. Schedule your session today and start feeling more empowered and in control of your life.

Soul Realignment Work

Through Soul Realignment work, you can discover the Soul's purpose, and history as well as energetically clearing old patterns of negativity that we have created through past choices.

Read the blogs on the 'Soul Realignment process' and 'request a Soul Realignment'.

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Divine Soul Blueprint Reading

In this reading, permission to access the Soul's record is requested to gain more insight. Including the Soul's profile, the Divine Gift, and how you operate according to your Soul Divine Blueprint configuration – it’s like an instruction code but for the Soul! This is a valuable insight to help you to begin to understand and accept yourself in your unique authentic Soul’s expression.  Awareness is knowledge and promotes healing and transformation.

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Soul Realignment for Business


Financial abundance CAN NOT be created outside of our Soul Purpose. This work is a body of insight, clearing and clarity from the perspective of your Soul’s Purpose about your mission (i.e., in business, creativity) and the HOW that aligns with your Soul’s authentic self-expression. The benefits of this work are priceless, helping you move forward confidently.

Read blog on Soul Realignment for Business

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Soul Realignment for Life Situation

For ongoing Soul Realignment work, get detailed insight and clearing on a specific life situation

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Soul Realignment for Relationship

For ongoing Soul Realignment work, get detailed insight and clear relationship matters (couple, parental relationship)

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Spirit Guide Coaching

 An hour and a half coaching session to connect with your Spirit Guide(s) and ask specific questions about any concern/decision/choice area. Get direct response and confirmation for the course of action and choice that aligns with your authentic soul expression.

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Property Alignment & Clearing


To clear properties of any negative influences including open negative energetic portalways, gateway, entities, land assignment, etc. Before you request this reading, the property contract must be in your name as the owner, and you are living in the property.

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