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Goddess Return

Tap into Ancient Womb Wisdom for Healing and Empowerment

Discover the transformative power of ancient womb knowledge during our bi-monthly gatherings aligned with the new moon and full moon cycles throughout the year. Rooted in women's traditions spanning thousands of years, our practice fosters a deep connection to feminine wisdom.

Our gatherings create a sacred space where intimate sharing and communion are encouraged and supported. If this resonates with you and you're eager to join us, express your interest through the Contact Me form. Upon your request, we'll add you to our email list, providing bi-weekly emails with a Zoom link for our sessions.


"I have never felt this connection to my womb before in this way. This circle and the womb clearing, and connecting to ancient women and all women is indeed an eye and womb opener for me. Now I can't wait for the next circle day. Much love. x"


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