​Mystical Offerings

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Release ancestral and lineage trauma

Healing emotional and mental wounds

Regulate menstrual flow

Tone reproductive system after childbirth

Improve libido

Heal mother and father issues.

Live your true purpose and authentically

Open to new opportunities

Take guided action

Improve self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth

More appreciation and acknowledgement of yourself

Connect with your inner guidance

Feel more at ease with life

Mystical & Ancestral Healing

Using a combination of ancient and modern energy healing techniques to effect change in the energy body system for a lasting and positive transformation.


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Womb Steaming Consultation

Womb steaming is an ancient healing practice used to address physical and emotional trauma, including but not limited to menstrual, cramps, cysts, dryness, sexual dysfunction, etc. There are many benefits to using this practice to restore balance and well-being in the womb and yoni.

This session is consultation only.

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