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3 steps to Emotional Awareness

We’ve all felt emotions one way or another either due to a joyful or un-pleasant event; we interact with our emotion through 'feeling' because we cannot see or touch them – however, this does not invalidate them.

Studies have indicated that Emotions are energy waves (Energy-In-Motion). It can be triggered externally due to a reaction to what someone has said or by their action or triggered internally when we re-visit past events or something that we are deeply invested in emotionally (i.e. an Ex or failed ventures, someone we still love, or an old song).

We interact and navigate emotion through our ability to feel or by feeling. We label our feelings based on our past memory of events in similar scenario either directly or indirectly. This could also be something that was thought to us, our experiences, have observed, and witnessed from our own point of view. The key to identifying the difference between emotion and feeling is the awareness of the emotion and being present (mindfulness) in the moment when we notice the in-coming waves of energy emotion using our ‘feeling’ abilities. By so doing, we are observing and analysing the emotion and our feelings as they manifest - from this place of awareness we can choose to respond instead of reacting.

3-step process to emotional awareness (Self-Assessment)

Emotion are expansive (openness, love, up) or restrictive (stuck, heavy, fear, down) in nature.

a. Check the incoming waves, is it expansive or restrictive?

Using ‘feeling’ to interact and establish the nature of the emotion.

b. Feel, is it Love or Fear?

As the observer and perceiver label the feeling in your own words this way it can be easily transformed.

c. Label the feeling (sadness, joy, surprise, confusion, anger, guilt, etc)

We express our feelings actively (Journaling, dancing, yoga exercise etc) or passively (contemplation, mediation). To safely transform the un-pleasant feeling, decide how you want to feel and take the expressive steps that feels right for you. This is about being present for you and in your moment of need.

Repeat as many times as required to achieve your outcome!

I have used this process repeatedly to transform my own life personally and still do.

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