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Affirmative Prayer

Prayer is words and intent to bring about or call forth a desired outcome.

There are different kind of prayer:

Supplication: Words and intent to request or to petition a desired outcome.

Gratitude: Words and intent to give thanks and joy for a desired outcome.

Affirmative: They are statement of intent based on our truth as a desired outcome.

Affirmations are powerful positive short statements made with intent and our truth - they quickly elevate our mood during challenging times and can induce positive states of well-being-ness. Affirmative statements can be customised to any aspect of ourselves that we wish to highlight or accentuate.

By reaffirming the statement each day, we notice the changes in our consciousness, mental and emotional well-being.

Example of affirmative prayer:

- I am loved in every way and I know it.

- My cells and body are in harmony and well-ness.

- I am w(hol(y)e.

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