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Bloody Fluid (Halloween, Samhain edition)

A tissue with red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other substances suspended in fluid called plasma. Blood takes oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and carries away wastes. As defined by physical science and medicine.

Aside from that red fluid that some of us are squeamish of, what is blood?

Blood represents the joy of living and craving for life; it nourishes and supports life.

Rudolf steiner from the occult significance of blood (first edition 1906), the blood is the material that builds up the human body, it does so by extracting from the Cosmic Environment the highest substance it can possibly obtain (i.e. oxygen) which renews the blood and supplies it with fresh life. In this manner our blood is caused to open itself to the outer world, any impurities that can be found (or ingested) provokes sickness throughout the body if care is not practiced.

Blood and Circulation

As mentioned earlier, blood represent the craving for life, and the circulation of blood symbolizes the human being’s desire to develop. Poor circulation of blood indicate that Love is blocked (can’t express my feelings, and in conflict with Love of self and others).

The blood contains and carries genetic and hereditary baggage from bloodlines, lineages and ancestry which are linked with our thoughts, behavioural patterns and belief systems – these can be addressed with consciousness altering therapies and modalities.

Improving Circulation Using Affirmation

When there is poor circulation the body is in need of attention. Here are some affirmative statements that you can start to use now to assist you.

  • I freely allow blood to flow through my veins unrestricted.

  • I allow Love (blood) to reach into my heart.

  • I accept to give and to receive Love.

  • I feel the excitement and joy in this flow.

Note: This is not a medical advice or recommendation that should not be taken as such. Refer to your medical practitioner for any medical advice.

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