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Dimensional and planetary shifts

How is this affecting you? Are you going crazy or just healing? Have you lost your mind? Feeling lost or a sense of loss?

Physical and Metaphysical changes as we go through the dimensional and planetary shifts. Changes that you may be experiencing include body, emotional, psychological, and behavioural changes; this is due to the effect that these changes have on our DNA and Soul blueprint. Our bodies are full of tissues made up of cells. These cells are made of molecules that extend into the subatomic level, the templates and blueprints that form the human body. Changes are being made at this level as the Earth experiences its shift (axial pole shift) – more of these changes are said to be on the way.

Past behaviours and patterns will be rearranged during Earth’s axial pole shifts. This change will be experienced by humans and all other life forms on our planet. The very structure of the cells and DNA are being rearranged, from a spiritual point of view, if not already have the ability to decode higher vibrational frequencies than we are used to. This means enhanced intuition, abilities to perceive and travel more easily to other dimensions and to bring new information and modalities for healing, new technologies, and many more. On the physical level, behavioural changes, changes in physical attributes body, colour, body shape including weight (loss or gain), interactions, connections, how we relate with others, etc.

Symptoms of the Shift:-

This is not a definitive list of symptoms, but they are relatively common and reported:

  • Everyone’s experience is different and unique. It is advisable to check that you are medically healthy and these are not reflecting any underlying medical condition.

  • Bodily pains and aches (shooting headaches) as the cells and molecules in the body are being rearranged.

  • Sensations in the body open up to more energy and light.

  • Mood changes, including a sudden feeling of joy or sadness as we release old energies from the body tissues and organs.

  • High pitch sounds in the ears at both or one ear at a time.

  • Dreams and nightmares could indicate past trauma healing, new information, or a cycle's ending.

  • Lightness or feeling like a body double can be your Light Body (subtle bodies) coming online.

  • Feeling like you have a wing behind your back between the shoulder blade at the back – becoming more human angelic in form.

There will be many symptoms as the shift progress…this blog will be updated with new information – stay tuned.

The advice for surfing the wave of this shift is to relax, surrender and release any resistance to change and transformation.

Note: This is not medical advice, nor medically trained to give such advice.

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