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From perception to vision

Often we look with the eyes of limitation laced with the wool of our past traumatic experience. What does this mean, you said? It means that we look at things not as they truly are but as we perceive them to be based on the experiences that we’ve had in the past. Looking with the eye of limitation is not necessarily a bad thing if you are not seeking a change or a new experience. However, if change for a new experience is the goal then a change of perception is needed. Looking at things with the eye of vision which is the eye of God or Source we do not see limitation or trauma we see, in truth the reality of what is. Vision is ever-present, ever-renewed, there’s no limitation, no traumatic experience, and no judgement in this vision – it's a perfect vision. Seeing through the eye of vision is a gift when nurtured can change how we perceive ourselves, and others the circumstances around us starts to change. Try this and start to see the change in your experience.

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