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Manifestation Pitfalls: The Ego in A Spotlight

The ego is a way that we present our personality to the World; that is why we listen to it often, and often don't realise how the ego may also be stopping us on our tracks.

Do you know that waiting for a sign, a nudge, or a confirmation from the unseen/Source/God is another way the ego tricks us into not bringing our intention to the physical manifestation? How?

When we intend for something that we want, and our Soul inspires us (if we are paying attention), this inspiration directly responds to the intention as our Divine Soul expression. Remember the saying, "everything you seek is already within you"?

We are the prayer (the intention) and the amen (the response).

In some cases, the Soul gives an AHA! moment response, we feel the excitement and are prompted to actions that align with the intention. The fact that we've asked and received the response confirms that our ‘wanting’ is already there for the taking. What is required at this point is to do the work that brings it into our physical experience (as our creation). This is a proof that we are the creator of our experience.

Some of the pitfalls during the manifestation process:

  • Not taking the ‘guided’ action(s) that aligns with what we have asked for.

  • If we do take some action, the ego is triggered and starts to create excuses for not taking action, including, 'things will happen in Divine timing’, or ‘needing more training’, or ‘I’m not ready yet,’ ‘I don’t have the money,’ etc. excuses. Thus, we give in to the ego promptings and fears. Our comfort zone is challenged.

  • And if we have taken action, it is not enough to shift our vibration into the alignment of what we want. Due to past emotional traumas and programmed beliefs, it takes a considerable effort to shift our vibration into alignment with our intention.

To manifest what we want into our physical experience, we must be in vibrational alignment with our asking.

Remember, 3D (Third Dimension, the material dimension, physical body) is the densest of all the dimensions and require more effort to create a change. When we shift our 3D vibrational frequency, we create significant changes that affect all other dimensions (including 5D timeless dimension, what the Bible refers to as Heaven).

Consistency is key while aligning our vibrational frequency to match our Divine Soul expression.

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