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Self-Mastery: The Ascending Self

The planet has been and still undergoing a massive shift. What is happening on a global scale is a testament to this fact. What kind of a shift, you asked? While there’s a global shift in what we are used to as the ‘norm’, there is also a shift in consciousness. Consciousness is our guiding principle our being-ness. That part of us that is beyond the five (5) senses yet still plays a major part in our physical experience. Heard the phrases ‘mind over matter’, ‘change your mind, change your life? Yeah, all of that stuff! You get the drift. If you hold the idea that everything is Energy as proven in ‘Quantum Physics’, as proven by the likes of Einstein and other top scientists and physicists – check it out!

This article focuses on how the shift affects the individual and ongoing progress towards self-mastery.

Now that the scene is set, let’s get technical because the rest of this article will assume that you have the basic spiritual esoteric knowledge to fully grasp the concepts therein if not, reach out via Contact Me.

Before 2012 it was very slow to move energies (i.e. change thoughts and bad habits, you know, the stuff that we don’t like about ourselves and we avoid them and suppress them) and to change dimensions which are levels of consciousness –for example, like wanting to be a good person and go to heaven and avoid hell. To put your mind at rest we are not preaching heaven or hell, phew!

In 2012, there was a big timeline shift – remember when people are afraid that the World was going to end then? Well, yeah, it did end, but not in the way that many thought it would. What ended was the Mayan calendar cycle which runs every 2600 years. You see, the ancient Mayans have a way of calculating the planetary cycles for events that take place on our planet; they also calculated predicted new cycles based on the planetary movements. Pretty impressive, eh!

When this shift happened in 2012 it means that the consciousness on our planet has elevated a notch – bravo! Humanity has taken a step forward or is it? At least that is what it means by a shift in consciousness. When this happens we begin to close old timelines (these are energetic timelines) that affect our physical experience as well as our planet.

Since then, there has been a rapid acceleration of consciousness on the planet both on collective and individual levels. Consciousness levels are in stages and there’s a reason for that. As Humans we like to label and name stuff, thankfully - it works sometimes, and here is why…Some brilliant people have come up and or guided to share how the scale of consciousness is measured. Here are some descriptions of the level of consciousness that we are working with and what they mean - if this is the first time that you have come across these terms. If you are already on the spiritual path this is something that has been and still talked about in the spiritual community.

Fifth (5th) Dimension

The fifth dimension is energetic not a physical place although some school of thought holds the idea that this is a physical place just like Heaven as described in the Bible. The 5th-dimensional consciousness as you may have figured out is spiritual, it is what some referred to as the Causal plane. The Causal plane holds our spiritual imprint (spiritual identity), it is also the plane where the Akashic Records reside - the energetic records of all the choices that a Soul has made since its origination from Source (God or Prime Creator). It is a timeless dimension, time does not exist in this dimension. When we are feeling inspired, happy and full of joy we are tapping into this realm of timelessness. Here we connect to Source (God, Angels, Spirit Guides etc.).

Fourth (4th) Dimension

The fourth dimension is energetic not a physical place. This dimension holds our localised Soul imprints. The 5th dimension holds our collective spiritual imprint while the 4th holds the Soul imprints for the Soul incarnations. 4th Dimension is activated through the Heart which happens to be the 4th Chakra! This activation initiates the activation of the 12 chakra system and some children born these days are already 12 chakras activated - chakras are energy vortexes in the body. The activation of the 4th dimension means we begin the cleansing of the lower chakras as this happens, some would experience life-changing experiences money and security issues (root chakras), relationships, self-expression, creativity, manifestation and sexual issue (sacral chakra), life purpose, passion, view of ourself, self-worth, confidence, etc (Solar plexus), giving and receiving love, self-love, self judgement, childhood trauma of how love was given and receive, nurturing, compassion, anger, mother and father issues (heart chakra), speaking and being our authentic self in the world (Throat chakra), confusing about our place in the world, lacking judgement, intellectual ability to make congruent decision, anxiety, depression, no sense of direction (third eye chakra), not sure of their identity as Sovereign being, lacking divine guidance, etc (crown chakra) – as the shift from 3D to 4D, and 4D to 5D happens these will be cleared and addressed to complete the timeline shift for higher Dimensional shift in to 5D. So the individual through the Soul is able to receive a higher vibrational frequency.

Lower Fourth (4th) Dimension

This dimension consists of the astral and emotional bodies holding emotional imprints. Old patterns of thoughts that must be worked through and released in order to make way for the shift into higher dimensions. The fourth (4th) dimension is generally a dimension of time, thoughts, and mental processing.

Third (3rd) Dimension

This is the physical dimension where our physical body resides with all the body stories, physical sensations, and the five senses. This is the densest of all the dimensions mentioned, to effect change in dimension requires physical action compared to other dimensions. But when a change is made in the physical body it ripples through all the other dimensions – this is why taking action is important if we are to make a lasting change and transformation.

When our energy flow is stabilized on a 4th-dimensional level i.e. worked on our stuff, the chakras will be removed/elevated to a higher chakra (i.e. Heart chakra). All that will be left is a torus field, with a pillar of light in the core, representing the infinite self-sourcing energy stream that supplies all channels. This is when we become truly self-sustainable with no need to actively balance our energies. We no longer source energy through vortexes from the outside in, we become a living Source of energy without having to leave our physical body we access 5th-dimensional realms as fully embodied divine beings. Note that we do not stop at the 5th dimension – the purpose of Spirit is for expansion and growth.

Reach out for more information if required, comment and share with those who you think might benefit from this information. If you require further assistance on your own journey Contact Me

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