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Seven Mirrors of Self and how-to identify them

What is mirroring? According to Webster dictionary, “something that gives a faithful representation, image, or idea of something else, a pattern for imitation.” Gregg Braden introduced the concept of mirroring; however, this goes back to the Essene teachings on the seven Mysteries of the Self.

1. Mystery of the First Mirror

The Mirror of the Moment

This is the mirror we are all familiar with. It is known as “The Mirror of the Moment.” It is the one Webster so aptly defines. We have all been there someone says or does something (we like or don’t like, it doesn’t matter), and it may be mirroring an action or word within you or some action or word you need to learn.

2. Mystery of the Second Mirror

The Mirror of That Which is Judged.

This is the mirror that we have the most trouble with. The thing(s) that we judge will present itself to us repeatedly, until we realize that it will keep happening again and again until we understand it is the charge that we are placing on the people, situations, words, etc. For example, take something that you really judge - like dishonest people. Because of the charge that you have in place on ‘dishonest people’ it is guaranteed that you will have lots of dishonest people show up in your life. Yes, it is possible to get to that place of non-judgment when we release the ‘judgment charge’ and allow people to be who they are without taking on their experiences or trying to change them.

The second mirror is all about allowing within another the possibility of thought action and feeling that you do not allow within yourself. In other words, they have a right to do exactly what they want... BUT you have a right not to react to it.

3. Mystery of the Third Mirror

This is the mirror of relationships.

The Mirror of That Which is Lost, Given Away, or Taken Away. The relationship can be a momentary one that happens as quick as a flash, a lifelong friend(s) or a partner. This is the mirror which tells us that we see something in another individual that we do not see in ourselves or there is a void in ourselves. As this part “awakens” in us, many times the relationship is completed, or the void is filled. The relationship happened just for the simple reason of “awakening” some part of us. Other times, after we reclaim that part, the relationship will need to be redefined and continue with the context of the redefinition or it will discontinue because it is finished.

4. Mystery of the Fourth Mirror

This is the mirror of compulsive and addictive behaviours.

The Mirror of the Most Forgotten Love. Take a minute here and spend some time figuring out your compulsive/addictive behaviours. Everyone has them. Addictions are thought to be drinking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. But they are more than these there are subtle addictions and compulsive behaviours that we overlook. By spending some time to identify our addictions and compulsive behaviours we can identify what is missing within us and how we can heal and reconcile within ourselves. For me, it was trying to be perfect. Next think about what you have missed out on because of the addiction and compulsion. What I “lost” was being able to be myself. I lost time for myself. I lost me. Through missing out on being myself, I was missing out on life. What do I love most? Life, and living! This is an interesting mirror.

Addiction and compulsion may be re-defined as a behaviour pattern which, in its extreme, will provide the opportunity experience exactly the opposite of that which you most desire in your life. The addiction and compulsion is your way of providing yourself the opportunity to experience your greatest fears (most forgotten loves), in degrees, as you drive from your life the very things that you hold the most dear, until the fear is either resolved or manifested.

5. Mystery of the Fifth Mirror

The Mirror of the Mother/Father.

This mirror has an exercise. Take out a piece of paper. List on the top mother figure and father figure. Under each put a + and a (If you did not have a mom or dad, put down your childhood caretakers. Under each, list all the positives and negatives about each as you saw them before you were 12 years old. (Again, not through an adult's eyes, but a child's eyes). If you do not have any positives or any negatives, that is fine. Use phrases or key words. Do this before you read on, do not read on until you do this.

Here is what the Essenes mysteries say about the list you created, ‘Your earth Father/Mother’ holds and reflects your expectations and beliefs of your relationship with your heavenly (Source, Universal Spirit, Energy, God or whatever you call the higher essence) Father/Mother. The way that you see you ‘mother’ and ‘father’ probably have little to do with the person that you call ‘dad’ or ‘mom’ on this earth plane. Through their lives, your father and mother have loved you so much that each has held a reflection of how you see or have seen your relationship with heaven and earth.” Sit and think about this mirror awhile.

6. Mystery of the Sixth Mirror

The Mirror of the Dark Side of Soul.

The best way to describe this mirror is to tell you what the Essenes have to say. “You are not capable of entering the Dark Side of the Soul until you have amassed all the tools necessary to move through the experience, with grace. In Trust, you will allow experience‟ to take you to the very edge of who you believe you are. If it serves you, ‘experience’ will push you over the edge and leave you to find your way out, alone. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of who you have become. The Dark Side of the Soul is your way of re-defining your perception of one, or some combination, of the Universal Fears of Abandonment, Separation, Self-Worth, Trust, etc.”

7. Mystery of the Seventh Mirror

The Mirror of Self.

“Your view of yourself in anything other than perfection will reveal your greatest doubt (least trust) in the One. The view that others hold of you in anything other than perfection will reveal their greatest doubt (least trust) in the One.” It also gives you a good time to look at yourself and really ‘get it’ that you were made in perfection. Do you think God/Universal Spirit created junk?

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