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Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Through Soul Realignment work, you can discover the Soul's purpose, blocks & restrictions to your Truth, and clear old patterns that prevent you from expressing your true Soul purpose. Blocks & restrictions are created through past choices.

Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing is a specific and advanced reading & clearing of the Soul. The human avatar that carries the Soul is the one who initiates the reading and clearing work by their request and you are not required to be present for this reading and clearing to be done. It is unlike any reading and clearing that you may have experienced.

In this reading and clearing, you will get specific information on the Soul Profile including the Soul's purpose & expression information, the blocks & restrictions preventing the Soul from reaching its potential, clearing, healing and integration happening on a deeper level.

This short blog provides the process of requesting a Soul Realignment and what you can expect through the process; Although this is a long life transformative work, no two experiences are the same- everyone's experience is unique.

The process:

  1. Set an intention for the reading

  2. Send your intention with the following details in your request: Current name, name at birth (if different), place of birth, and date of birth via Contact Me.

  3. Wait for a response and confirmation of your request.

  4. Click here to make a payment.

  5. Soul Realignment reading and clearing work is done on behalf of the Soul

  6. Allow 21 days integrative process

  7. Share your experience & feedback

Exchange for Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing:

General Soul Realignment: £600 *

Soul Profile Reading: £250

Blocks and Restrictions (reading and clearing): £450

Spirit Guide Coaching: £300

Property alignment and clearing: £300

Business Soul Realignment: £1000

To request the following Soul Realignment readings - you must have had the General Soul Realignment reading and clearing:

Divine Soul Blueprint: £300

Life Situation Reading: £350

Soul Realignment for Relationship: £450

Use the Contact Me form to request your reading stating the type of reading and clearing work you require along with your intention and the information required.

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