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THE EVENT: The Great Solar Flash and Human Consciousness

This Great Solar Flash has been prophesied by many ancients including the Mayan, Hopi, religious texts, and in other ancient tradition. Humanity is at a cross-road and in transition; a time of reconciling within and without and on a global scale, where and how we wish to move forward individually and collectively. Some refer to the Great Solar Flash as ‘The EVENT’ meaning the event that will catapult humanity to new level of consciousness and a new age (Age of Acquarius). Others refer to this event as the Rapture or Soul Harvest or Armageddon or Judgement Day. Whatever perspective we hold the simple truth is, it is a time of great change for humanity as we are all experiencing it right now. This is a benevolent and peaceful process that supports humanity’s next evolutionary leap.

How will it happen

A massive burst of Cosmic waves will be transmitted from the Central Sun through our Sun. The cosmic waves Gamma and Photonic light rays beam down to Earth through our Sun. It will appear on Earth as warm liquid Light those who are highly sensitive to energies will feel and see this as such. Those who are are ready spiritually and energetically will experience near instant evolution and transmutation of two (2) strand double helix DNA carbon-based life form into crystalline life form having a Light-Body with multiple additional (up to 24) DNA Strands and shall then 'ascend' to 5th dimensional Earth in their physical bodies. Some are already having Light-Body activations and experiencing 5th dimension and beyond. DNA not only operate chemically, it is a storage unit for Light and a source of biophoton emission – this is a key part of the ascension process to transform from carbon-based life form to crystalline photonic Light-Beings. There is no physical death in this process but a change of consciousness as a result of the DNA upgrade (12 to upto 24 stands), although some may choose to transition from this physical plane to another plane this will be their choice.

When will this happen

As prophesied, when sufficient mass of humanity has awakened and breached a critical threshold in the level of consciousness the process is triggered and initiated. Its already began as we are all experiencing the awakening of consciousness, people are beginning to question their purpose and existence, wanting the good for humanity as whole, etc. Although the Event has already began as part of the awakening, the culmination is the Great Solar Flash which is said to approach our planet Earth by December 21st 2020 at the winter solstice gateway. The impact of this Event will linger on for years if not decades supporting the evolution of human consciousness to a higher dimension.

What do I need to do

All that is required is an intent to forgive everyone including yourself. Working on self by healing past wounds and emotional traumas, resolve and remove old baggages from the past. Engage in service-to-other oriented activities instead of service-to-self. Harboring a desire for the well-being of fellow humans; truthfulness and integrity of thoughts, feelings and actions.

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