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Transition and Ascension (3D to 5D)

Every 25,900 years our solar system passes through energetic geometric boundaries in our galaxy which causes widespread transformational upgrades of DNA in all life including the Earth’s.

Ascension in the biblical term refers to the period after the death of Christ when he rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven with body and soul. This is symbolic of what is to come and we are right on the cusp of this great transition from the Age of Pieces (the Fish) to the Age of Aquarius (the Water Bearer). The Christ (the Anointed) which is already within us will be illuminated and raised higher.

The transformative process of upgrading the DNA (from 12 to 24 strands) and to higher vibrational frequencies is called ‘Ascension’, - the physical body and its processing is all part of this process. There will be physical body sensations, feelings, and movements.

The decaying of the old paradigm, the current world of density, matter, and materialism often referred to as 3D ( or 3 Dimensional) signals the great awakening of the human consciousness into higher and less dense dimensions as part of the upgrade of DNA.

As we go through this passage of time into a new dimension, for many there will be a realization, and the illumination of what resides in the darkest abyss of suppression, secrets, injustices, oppression, corruption, etc, The truths will be revealed and told there will moments of anger, confusion, acceptance, forgiveness, inspiration, peace, love, etc.

This is so that we each have the opportunity and choice to remove ourselves from the density and duality that is 3D. As the individual awakens and takes conscious action to work on themselves they will begin to experience a shift in consciousness to a higher dimension i.e. from 3D to 4D, glimpses of 5D, and beyond.

For those that are on the 5D trajectory, 4D is a platform for transition to 5D, it would be too tasking for the soul (individual) to move directly from 3D to 5D. Additionally, there are experiences that the soul needs to experience (karmic clean-up) in 4D to advance to 5D.

4D is the realm of the mental/mind – deals with time and linearity. Old Astral planes, thoughtforms, collective consciousness, herd mentality, etc.

5D is a dimension of pure and unconditional love, peace, freedom, and unity. It is also a dimension of self-mastery (God Within). We co-create with everything around us instead of the slave-master, the student-teacher duality that we are experiencing in the 3D realms. 5D holds the frequency of Union (within self) and Union without (Soulful relationships), the portal to 5D is the Heart center and its frequency is LOVE. Those who have had brief experience in 5D can attest to this truth.

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