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Vulnerability - A path of radical self-transformation

I have been sitting with vulnerability for a while it has been a bitter-sweet journey, the destination is one of “coming home to the Authentic Self.”

Vulnerability said to me, “Surrender into me and let me take you on an adventure…”, it starts with the un-learning of what we believe or have been taught about being vulnerable or vulnerability. Vulnerability is who we are in truth as a reminder go back to those formative and impressionable years (0-6years) and as spiritual beings having a brief experience on this planet. But somewhere along the path of growing up, we have put up barriers by choice, knowingly or unknowingly because of past experiences.

Vulnerability is demanding because it dissolves the barrier(s) that we have put in place to stop us from becoming who we are here to be - it leads us to the edge of our comfort zone to “take a leap of faith” to step into, to create anew and to grow purposefully in the moment and to maintain ongoing personal transformation.

Being vulnerable takes us to the edge of who/what we can become if we allow and…

- Let go of the fear of failing

- Let go of the belief system that being vulnerable is bad/fearful/risky

- Put down the barriers of the false sense of protection and self-preservation

- Experience the shivers, quivers, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, the emotions, the sensation – they are momentary and will pass

The ultimate test of our beingness is in our ability to experience existence, and being fully present to our vulnerability. As stated by the great poet and mystic, Rumi, “the wound is where the light comes in.” Our false sense of security and self-preservation has locked us away from our true Self which is Love. We dance around the notion of Love but shut the doorway that leads to it – vulnerability.

Without vulnerability we…

- Lose our sense of Self

- Living in a constant state of fear of ‘what is’, ‘what if’

- Lack of trust in self and others

- Living from a restricted viewpoint of life

- Confined to a clinically sane life lacking the lustre of experiences that leads to a purposeful life

If you are irritated by every rub how will you be polished? – Rumi -


- What/why am I afraid of being or doing? And why?

- What barriers/excuse do I have? And why?

- What experiences led me to have these barriers? And why?

- Can I allow myself to be vulnerable?

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