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Online Sister's Space

The Sister's space is a space for women of all ages to come together as a group to tap into and reawaken the ancient womb knowledge for healing and empowerment. We gather twice a month around the new moon and the full cycles of the year. This practice is rooted in ancient women's traditions dating back thousands of years. We hold a sacred space to support intimate sharing and communion.

If this resonates with you and you would like to join us, you can show your interest by using the Contact Me form when your request is received you will be added to an email list to receive a bi-weekly email with a Zoom link to join.

Heart donation of £22 per month to support the circle administration and other activities.


"I have never felt this connection to my womb before in this way. This circle and the womb clearing, and connecting to ancient women and all women is indeed an eye and womb opener for me. Now I can't wait for the next circle day. Much love. x"


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