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Mystical Journeys Of The Soul 

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Vicky, Scotland

" I had a powerful, visceral feeling of accessing the wisdom of generations of women before me - my mother, her mother and her mother before that. This has really brought my purpose to life, such that I feel it is truly alive within me.  Evelyn has a true gift and a wide range of approaches she can draw from.  Working with her has been a very personal and enriching experience."

Wynta, New Zealand

" I really appreciate the work you do and you've clarified many things for me as well as helped me through a particular rough patch."

Julia, London

" She helped me with her soul realignment program release emotional blockages I suspected were there but wasn’t sure of. It is a process of clearing away things in your emotional body that are preventing you from moving nearer to your truer more authentic self and reaching your full potential."


Gabrielle, Brisbane

" I am free from the fears that were holding me in a repetitive pattern of not taking action (in other words procrastination).  It feels joyful and easy now. Evelyn's work was a step up for me like a co-creation, in that you are engaged in your own experience of self-healing. It was a potent reminder to connect with the emotion which is distinct from the mind. Very empowering and I am so grateful."

David, London

" I met Evelyn at just the right time, she had this calm intensity of someone who worked at a deeper level. I needed to do some cosmic digging, and Evelyn showed me where to dig - energetic blockages were opened and cavities filled. I can feel this transition. It is subtle but very powerful work."


Petra, Czech Republic

"​Thank you for the property​ alignment​ reading​. The energy of our house is clean​ and healing​​.​ ​W​e feel very happy in the house. All of the sudden it turned​ out​ to​ be​ quite peaceful place, no need to listen anything just enjoying healing silence.​​"​

Ratna, Netherland

" I felt supported by Evelyn trough the whole process of the womb healing. She understood my struggle and my need to heal. She acknowledged my pain which helped me open up to receive the healing I needed to let go of pain, fear and suppression that was stored in my womb for generations. I feel relieved and very peaceful to finally connect with my own womb and just be the woman that am."

About Section
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About Evelyn

Evelyn Beaulay is an Author and Intuitive Coach with over ten years of helping clients in her private practice. As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, Mystic Medicine Woman, and Empowered Divine Feminine, her focus is self-development and transformative spiritual work. Her approach is direct yet compassionate.

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