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Intuitive Coaching 

Elevate Your Spiritual Abilities and Uncover Your Soul's Wisdom

 Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level and explore the realm of supernatural abilities and how to harness them? 

Discover a diverse range of spiritual practices and teachings, including:​

  • Mediumship and Channelling

  • Psychic Guidance and Divination

  • Connecting with Water Realms

  • Exploring Earth Angels

  • Harnessing the Elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth)

  • Exploring Kemet Spirituality

  • Basic Astrology for Enhanced Divination

  • Connecting with Ancestors and Higher Self


Our highly personalized mentoring and coaching program is tailored to your unique journey, transformation, and growth. You'll receive two sessions per month along with meaningful homework assignments. To learn more about this transformative program or to request membership, please reach out to us using the Contact Us form. Join us for a short Initiation Ceremony to embark on this enlightening journey.​


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Earth Element

Earth Element

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