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A bit more about Evelyn...

I initiated my conscious spiritual awakening years ago following transformative events, including documented experiences of abuse and female genital mutilation (FGM) highlighted in my book, 'Becoming: A Gateway to Positive Transformation.' I encourage you to explore this book, available on Amazon. My ongoing experiences and spiritual journey continually shape my personal growth and influence my work with others. ​I'm Evelyn, your dedicated Soul Doctor, devoted to soul-level transformations.   Embark on a journey of positive transformation with with me, your dedicated Soul Doctor. Drawing from over a decade of expertise and a profound commitment to positive change, I offer a unique blend of ancient and modern spiritual tools. Through Divination, Intuitive coaching, and Soul Realignment Akashic Records, I access deep soul information to spark positive transformations. My mission is to empower individuals on their personal growth journey. Having supported clients like Vicky, an executive coach, and Julia, an artist, in bringing purpose to life and releasing emotional blocks, I invite you to connect with me. Whether you're seeking to discover your Soul Purpose or release emotional barriers, let's embark on this transformative journey together. Explore more and connect with me for guidance and support.​ Schedule your consultation with me today​

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