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Affirmations for Self-Love

Affirmations are powerful positive short statements made with intent and our truth - they quickly elevate our mood during challenging times and can induce positive states of well-being-ness. Affirmative statements can be customised to any aspect of ourselves that we wish to highlight or accentuate. Once the statement(s) is set, it serves as a buster for positive energy for use on the go. By reaffirming the statement each day, we notice the changes in our consciousness, mental and emotional well-being.

I love myself unconditionally, now, and always.

I give myself the space, and the time that I need.

I make choices that support who I am now and becoming.

I am not a victim of circumstance instead I take corrective guided actions.

I accept myself just as I am now.

I appreciate myself each day.

I am purposefully enough.

I am doing my best in each moment and this is ok.

I am perfect in my imperfections and I appreciate all the contrast that I am.

I am experiencing myself anew each day.

Mistakes are indications that I am on the right path, and it’s ok to start again.

I am a magnificent being created with Love, of Love, in Love, and about Love.

Love is me, and I am Love.

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