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Navigating Change Positively

Change is a transition from a known state to an unknown. Because the unknown is uncertain as such it triggers all sorts of emotions including, fear, panic, anxiety, etc. All of which are valid and acceptable until acclimatised. And in this time of great transition, the only thing we have to look forward to is change, after all, ‘change is constant’. During our lives, we have all experience change in one form or another i.e. moving from one location to another, country, job, home, the birth of a new life, or the loss of a relationship. These experiences often leave behind some emotional residue that stops us from moving forward positively.

The Numerology of Change

Have you heard the saying “everything comes full circle” - what is a circle? A circle is Zero (0) a symbol of change and new beginnings simultaneously. It culminates and holds all experiences and learnings that inform new experiences.

Navigating Tides of Change

Agreed, change is a challenging process for most of us but with the right attitude, it can be a positive and welcomed process. Simple ways of dealing with change are by acknowledging and accepting what has changed and what needs to change, what is gone, and the loss - while releasing the emotional residue to make way for the new.

Here's a guided technique to assist you in navigating change positively.

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