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Soul Realignment - The Process

This article is written in respond to the questions often asked about the Soul Realignment; it is a fascinating and profoundly transformative process.


Soul Realignment is the process of accessing the wisdom of the Akashic Records to inform you about the divine nature of your Soul. It does this through researching your Soul’s Akashic record for specific information based on the intention you provide to the practitioner before the reading.


One of the key factors in Soul Realignment work is to find out, via the Akashic Records, where your Soul originated from, as well as your Soul’s past-life experiences, and the choices that your Soul has made and continues to make that is having an impact in your present life. The intention that you provide your practitioner before you request a Soul Realignment helps your access your record.

Once the practitioner has identified the experiences and the choices your Soul has made, healing is initiated at the dimension of the Akashic Record to affect a deep-level Soul healing. This is followed by energy transmutation healing work at the sub-conscious level, which you need to complete to affect deep, holistic healing of your body, mind, and spirit.


The information given in a Soul Realignment reading assists you in expressing your Divine nature in everyday life. It offers to explain why you have specific experiences or repeated patterns. These negative influences are cleared through the Soul Realignment session, both from previous lifetimes and your current life. This unlocks your hidden potential that was previously blocked by these negative experiences, allowing you to express your Divinity fully.

“Information provides awareness and awareness promotes healing.”


Soul Realignment reveals your Divine nature, where and why you are not fully expressing your Divine nature and helps to clear that which prevents the expression of your True Self – your Divinity. This makes it easier for you to express fully who you are. When you are genuinely you from this more profound level, you are living your Soul Purpose, enabling you to tap into the field of infinite potential, thus unleashing your unique creativity as a gift to the world. It can also help deepen your relationships and find the understanding you need to resolve relationship issues and discover your life lessons and the theme for your current lifetime.

It is a transformative process for anyone wishing to dive deeply into their personal development journey.


To initiate the Soul Realignment reading and healing work, you need to provide the following information:

• Full name at present and birth (if different to present name)

• Date and place of birth (city & country)

• Intention for reading (this can be a specific issue)

• Your permission to access your Akashic Record.

Findings will be presented to you at an agreed scheduled date and time, which usually lasts 90 minutes. A customised energy transmutation healing will be issued, which must be completed within a timeframe that suits you best. Guidance and support are, of course, provided throughout the process.

A SOUL REALIGNMENT READING is an ‘absent’ reading and does not require the client to be present, as the reading is about the Soul, not the person. When the reading is complete, this will be presented to the person via zoom or WhatsApp, and further advice will be given if any subsequent energy transmutation work is needed.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin~

Ever wonder why a particular situation or circumstance keeps repeating in different experiences? Like playing an old record repeatedly irrespective of time or place? Collectively this scenario is known as the ‘Repetitive Pattern’ of blocks and restrictions that prevent us from living according to our true self – our Soul Purpose.

What are blocks and restrictions?

These are past experiences that do not support growth and the Soul’s Purpose, including: -

· Limiting belief systems

· Traumatic experience

· Addictive behaviour

· Fear/Phobias

· Present/past-life issues

How are blocks and restrictions formed?

These are patterns created through the choices we make, knowingly or unknowingly. These choices determine whether we are making decisions that support growth or create blocks and restrictions.

How do you know when a block or restriction was created?

Soul Realignment (using the Akashic Records) uses specific protocol coupled with a set intention to identify particular blocks and restrictions at play and when they were created.

Can blocks and restrictions be cleared?

Yes. Once the block and restriction are identified, this can be cleared by performing energy transmutation at the level of Akashic records and the subconscious, thus healing the whole.

What are the benefits of Soul Realignment?

  • Alignment with the Soul’s original blueprint

  • Release blocks and restrictions which prevent expression of our ‘divinity.’

  • A shift in an everyday experience enables the formation of new thought patterns and new experiences.

  • Empowerment through conscious choices that align with our True Self

  • Improved confidence in Self and choices that align with our Soul’s Purpose.

  • Forming healthy relationships.

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