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Un-Earthing Lower E-motions: Guilt

As energy-beings we often process our experiences through E-motion (Energy-In-Motion) and using our ability ‘to feel’ to translate the e-motions generated by and from each experience.

Guilt generates e-motion of the lack of fulfilment of an expectation, blaming, remorse, the victim mentality either to live up to our own desired expectation or someone else’s. Guilt has been and still commonly used in our society as a tool of manipulation to instil fear, and of control.

When not addressed it results in psychosomatic disease, suicidal, and accident-prone behaviour. Many people would go through their entire life carrying the feeling of guilt either from earlier childhood experience, or from a belief system that they are ‘sinner’ or ‘born dirty’ and they deserve to be punished for something or someone they perceived to have been or perceived harm caused. This type of thinking (perception) is an aberration in the psychic when not addressed inhibits personal transformation, growth, and fulfilment. When dominated by guilt it results in the preoccupation with ‘sin’, not deserving, self-punishment or flagellation, cruelty to self and others, unforgiving emotional attitude which are frequently exploited by religious beliefs and dogmas who use it for coercion and control. And on a wider scale devise capital punishment to gratify the guilt-ridden populace.

Dr. David R Hawkins in his book: The Map of Consciousness Explained, calibrates guilt to an energy level of 30, the lowest and densest on the Scale of Consciousness (SoC). Guilt, though lower on the Scale of Consciousness is heavy energy that is deeply rooted in past traumatic event and or belief system about our own authentic beingness versus the fulfilment of obligated expectation.

The Guilt-ridden Individual

Depending on the circumstance and experience that resulted in the ‘feeling’ of guilt the following effects may be true overtime for the guilt-based personality: -

  • Unforgiving emotional behaviour.

  • Undeserving emotional behaviour.

  • Suicidal tendency when the feeling of guilt is too heavy to bear.

  • Always expecting the worse-case scenario in most experience as part of their punishment.

  • Psychosomatic disease which can also be a self-fulfilling prophesy of the guilt-ridden individual.

  • Self-harm and flagellation as way of self-gratification.

  • Victimhood – the projection of guilt onto others instead of addressing the issue that maybe the cause of guilt starting from within.

Addressing Guilt

Any issue or aberration can be addressed, as Einstein said it: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” We may address past traumatic event by:

  1. Recognizing that there is an issue to be addressed.

  2. Acceptance of the issue without judgement or blame.

  3. Willingness to address and resolve the issue and the associated triggers starting from within.

  4. Transform the emotional energies using personal transformation therapy.

Abdication of personal responsibilities by blaming fault-finding, playing victim and projection onto others only seeks to further exacerbate the issue.

We are creators of our experiences; start today by owning your Creatorship – the path of Self-Mastery is through personal transformation.

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