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Mystical Healing: Womb Steaming Consultation

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

What is Womb steaming

For many centuries, womb steaming has been practised by ancient women to address any issue after childbirth, menstrual dysfunction, including cramps, irregular periods, hormone imbalance, menopause, ovarian cysts, virginal dryness, mood swings, and past emotional, psychological and physical traumas to do with the Womb, low libido, etc.

On a metaphysical or spiritual level, the Womb is located at the second chakra called the 'Sacral chakra' ('chakra' means energy wheels in Sanskrit). Our sacral chakra is the centre of our physical and spiritual creativity for conception, pleasure (sexual, sensual, passion), gut area (intuition), and the manifestation of dreams/desire. If this aspect of our being is blocked and traumatised, it impacts our overall creativity.

As the Divine Feminine awakens, she walks her mystical path of reclaiming her Womb power in Love and wholeness.

Over the years, women have disconnected from this aspect of themselves through conditioning and belief systems propagated by religion, the media, and cultural background, to name a few. Most modern women dislike their menstrual period; they see themselves as 'un-clean', 'un-attractive', 'bag of mood-swings, etc.

Our Womb is the centre of our creativity and power as Divine feminine embodied in a woman. Even if you don't have a womb anymore, not menstruating, the energetic imprint of your Womb is still present.

Womb Steaming

Womb steaming is done using a combination of carefully selected herbs (for a specific issue) infused in hot water, allowing the steam into the Womb.

Benefits of Womb steaming.

The benefits of Womb steaming are various depending on the trauma and pain. It restores well-being to the Womb.

  • Promote relaxation and calms the Womb

  • Regulate menstrual period

  • Restore balance in the Womb

  • Improve menstrual and menopause symptoms

  • Relieve bloating, cramps, balance mood-swings

  • Help with treating fibroids, ovarian cysts, and infections (yeast and bacterial)

  • Accelerate healing and restore the reproductive system after childbirth

  • Improve libido

  • Tones the virginal muscles and much more

The Consultation

The consultation is online for 45mins to an hour-long, where we will discuss the specific area or issue you wish to address. I can advise you on the particular herbs to purchase for your circumstance (i.e., irregular menstrual flow, dryness, or general womb well-being) and guide you on the process. We will conclude the consultation with a womb healing meditation to activate the healing process.

Note: This consultation is not for Womb Steaming.

How to request Womb Steaming Consultation

To request a consultation, use the 'Contact Me' form, providing as much information about the issue as you feel comfortable sharing.

Exchange for this consultation: £120

Click Contact Me to place your request

Heal the Womb, Heal the woman

~ Clare Spinx ~

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